Specialty Product

We made an authentic Canadian beard balm that is as fresh as the country it's made in. 

For the low price of $20, you will get a balm that:

- Smells fricken awesome

- Sculpts your beard and keeps its shape all day

- Adds moisture to your beard to keep it healthy

- Softens your beard for a better look

- Does not exist anywhere else. It is a brand NEW scent on the market

What our customers have said

When I did the mud run, I was pleasantly surprised to still smell the beard balm after I washed the mud out.

Gabriel McCubbin

The wife loves the Maple Sugar smell and I think the oil gives the beard a nice shine. Great product!

Travis Heatherly

You guys are fantastic when it comes to getting back to people.

The Great Canadian Beard Podcast

Love that you guys have a Maple Sugar scent.

Johan Jonsson

I love it! Cedarwood has my beard smelling fresh.

Cameron Harris